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Celebrating 50 Years of In-Ear Technology

Fifty years ago, Stephen Ambrose invented the world's first wireless In-Ear Monitor technology (IEMs).  Already a professional musician at age 12, he began modifying swimmer's earplugs. By mixing in tiny speakers and clay he completed his first In-Ear Monitor in 1965.  This was the first time full spectrum high fidelity sound was delivered within a fully sealed ear canal by an In-Ear Monitor.  Touring for decades with hundreds of performers including Stevie Wonder, Simon & Garfunkel, Diana Ross, Rush, Steve Miller, Kiss and many others, Stephen perfected and commercialized his IEM designs and was the sole provider of IEMs to the professional market for well over a decade.

The ADEL™ Control by Asius Technologies

Greatly concerned over the later documented 77% increased risk of hearing loss due to the use of personal listening devices, Stephen began extensive research with grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health and discovered the exact mechanism by which people were destroying their hearing.  To solve the problem, he invented and patented a revolutionary "second eardrum" called the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL™) which absorbs harmful in-ear pressures, thereby preserving the health of the human ear, thus allowing people to more safely hear sound the way it needs to be heard.  

US Patent Application Drawing for Asius Technologies' ADEL™ Control Earbud Technology

To bring his invention to market, he founded Asius Technologies.  Recently chosen as a Wall Street Journal Startup of the Year Finalist, Auto Desk Inventor of the Year and Winner of the Denver Challenge Cup in healthcare innovation, Asius is an innovative leader in the audio market.


Among the United States patents held by Asius Technologies:

8340310 - Diaphonic Acoustic Transduction Coupler and Ear Bud

8391534 - Inflatable Ear Device

8526652 - Receiver Assembly for an Inflatable Ear Device

8737635 - Diaphonic Acoustic Transduction Coupler and Ear Bud

8774435 - Audio Device, System and Method

9326059 - Inflatable Bubble