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Zeus XIV ADEL™ Universal In-Ear Monitors by Empire Ears


Once you hear the voice of Zeus, there’s no turning back.

Licensing partner Empire Ears built the most complex, technologically advanced, balanced armature IEM and what we’ve achieved is beyond what anyone could ever imagine: the world’s first 14 driver IEM. Named after the god of the sky and the ruler of Olympus, the Empire Zeus XIV ADEL™ boasts unprecedented levels of engineering to produce extraordinary clarity, colossal levels of detail, and hallucinatory 3D imaging.

The Zeus XIV ADEL™ features the world's first and only patented technology that safely delivers a louder, more spacious and richer sound – all while avoiding the risk of hearing damage caused by in-ear monitors. When the ear canal is sealed by an in-ear monitor, the driver vibrations create harmful pneumatic pressures in the confined space. The ADEL technology features a secondary eardrum that absorbs the pneumatic pressures produced by in-ear monitors and provides a much safer listening experience. It delivers sound the way it was meant to be heard. With the ADEL, bass sounds deeper, midrange is clearer and highs sound richer than ever.

The Zeus XIV ADEL™ is an engineering marvel that was designed specifically to achieve new benchmarks in detail retrieval and resolution. Tuned for a more mid-centric signature, the Zeus-XIV has much more lush and full mids when compared to its R counterpart. Headroom is similar to that of a studio.

Designed and made for the most discerning musician, artist, engineer, and audiophile.

Choose from Black, Clear, or a special Tribute: Prince edition in Translucent Purple.

Base price comes with your choice of ADEL™ B1G1 or S1 modules: Manually Adjustable Modules (MAMs) area also available and cost an extra $100 over the base price.

Other modules displayed are not included.

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