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Zeus R ADEL™ Custom-Fit In-Ear Monitors by Empire Ears


The Zeus-R ADEL™ is a 14 driver In-Ear Monitor that boasts unmatched levels of engineering and componentry.  With the colossal power of 28 total balanced armature drivers, 4 precision ported sound bores, and a state-of-the-art 8-way crossover network, it delivers the most extraordinary audio reproduction possible.

The Zeus-R ADEL™ possesses the coveted 2016 "Writer's Choice Award" and features ADEL™ patented technology, making it the world's first and only IEM that safely delivers a louder, more spacious and richer sound – all while avoiding the risk of hearing damage caused by conventional in-ear monitors. ADEL eliminates the driver vibrations that create harmful pneumatic pressures when an IEM seals the ear canal.

These unique IEMs include a secondary eardrum that absorbs the pneumatic pressures produced by in-ear monitors and provides a much safer listening experience. It delivers sound as you should be hearing it because it lets the speaker and ear drum move freely as if in an open state. With the ADEL™, bass sounds deeper, mid-range is clearer and highs sound richer than ever, to delight the most discerning musician, artist, engineer, and audiophile.

Choose from Black, Clear, or a special Tribute: Prince edition in Translucent Purple.

Base price comes with your choice of ADEL™ B1 or G1 modules: Manually Adjustable Modules (MAMs) cost an extra $100.

By ordering Custom-Fit, you acknowledge that you will obtain an ear mold from your audiologist and ship it at your own expense to our laboratory at 1257 Whitehall Drive, Boulder, CO  80504.  Other modules displayed are not part of the product offering; you must purchase them separately.

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