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ADEL™ Drum 10 Earbuds


The ADEL Drum 10 comes with single 10mm moving coil speakers.  They will deliver bass that exceeds top-of-the-line over-ear headphones, and will be still capable of clear mids and highs, with an adjustable bass.

Each earbud comes with the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL™), one for each ear. The lens is a thin, patented membrane that absorbs the harmful pneumatic pressures that cause hearing loss and prevent the speaker and eardrum from working optimally.

The ADEL Drum ear buds are the only earbuds in the world to utilize our second eardrum invention that won’t damage your ears yet deliver amazing sound because we allow the ear to work the way nature intended.  

The membrane in our optional ADEL Drum Adjustable Ambience Module is able to be precisely tightened under open ambient conditions, (augmenting bass frequencies and presence) and relaxed under totally isolated and sealed conditions (thereby restoring highs and sound stage width).

The benefits of this include the following:

  • You will also find you have reduced audio fatigue, which comes from discomfort when the tiny muscles in your ear ache from protecting the eardrum and resisting pneumatic pressure for too long.
    • You will have less occlusion effect - the distorted booming or echo-like sound of your own voice when speaking.
      • Finally, you will be able to "score your life to music" - go about your day with sealed ears yet be able to carry on a conversation while enjoying your music or maintaining awareness in an office or other busy environment with external sounds as far in the background or foreground as you desire.


      Speakers: 10mm moving coil
      Casing & Grille: High impact plastic
      Fit: Comply foam tip or Custom
      Membrane tensioner knob: Thumbscrew
      Connector & cord: 3' Hardwired or 3' 2-Pin option ($)
      Microphone: Optional ($)
      Adjustable Ambience Module: Optional ($)

      Technical Details

      Impedance: 30 Ohms
      Sensitivity: +/- 112dB SPL @ 1mW
      Freq. Response: 30Hz – 18 kHz
      Noise Isolation: Adjustable via ADEL™ technology

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