Thanks to All of Our Backers!

Thanks to All of Our Backers!

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ADEL™ Technology

ADEL™ Technology

The ADEL™ ear buds and modules are the only in-ear devices in the world to utilize our second eardrum invention. Now lower volumes sound louder and better.

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Testing Volunteers Needed

Urgent Announcement - Immediate opportunity for hearing impaired persons located in the Denver, Colorado area to participate in ongoing hearing restoration research.

Due to the overwhelming response to our recent open message to Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Asius Technologies has arranged last minute inclusion for eligible hearing impaired persons to participate in our studies this week at Asius Technologies' Longmont, Colorado laboratories just north of Denver and less than an hour from Denver International Airport..

Persons who suffer profound single-sided or binaural (both sided) deafness and who are unable to determine the location of sounds around them are invited to call 720 204 2676 or email

Asius Technologies' ADEL™ Bubble

This is the ADEL™ Bubble, which has already been previously tested at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Come hear for yourself what all the excitement is all about.

We realize the last minute nature of this opportunity - which came most unexpectedly - but nevertheless allows us to include a limited number of all the people who have been contacting us since the release of Brian's authorized press statement.

"It works," Johnson said of Ambrose's ADEL™ hearing technology in an authorized statement. "It just totally works and you can't argue with that. I was really moved and amazed to be able to hear music again like I haven't heard for several years now. I can't wait for it to be miniaturized so I can use it in every situation from normal communication, going out to noisy restaurants, [and] performing live music onstage.

If you live near or can get to Longmont, Colorado (Boulder County) and would like to participate, your support of this study will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Incredible and Safe Sound

    When a speaker is sealed in the ear, pneumatic pressures are created. Unlike sound pressure, pneumatic air pressure causes harmful eardrum motion. With ADEL lower volumes actually sound louder and better.

  • Impedance Matching Adjustment

    All ear canals – even your own - are different in size and shape. By adjusting the tension on the ADEL second eardrum you can find your personal sweet spot. Now music sounds louder and better. You will hear instruments and nuances you never noticed. You will be able to locate the instruments as if you were in the audience.

  • 3-Button Microphone

    Quickly take phone calls and comfortably adjust the volume remotely.


What makes the ADEL™ earbud so different?

The ADEL™ technology features a second eardrum that absorbs the harmful pneumatic pressures produced by all other earbuds. Now lower volumes sound louder and better. We proved this with tests at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. You can read the test results on on out Technology page. So now the speaker and the eardrum work as nature intended and you experience a natural sound for the first time.

What is pneumatic pressure?

When you listen to music at a concert only the sound pressure reaches your eardrum. When you seal your ear canal with an earbud or hearing aid speaker, pneumatic pressures stiffens the air. Think of the plunger on a syringe. If you place your finger over the syringe tip the air in the barrel becomes stiff making it difficult to move the plunger. It is pneumatic pressure that can inflate your tires not sound pressures. Pneumatic pressures stiffen the air in your ear canal so that the speaker motion overpowers the eardrum. The eardrum responds with a self protecting reflex - the stapedius reflex - that damps the volume. When you turn up the volume to overcome the damping the eardrum just damps more sound. Our ADEL second eardrum takes the pounding so lower volumes sound louder and better.

Is there a warranty for these earbuds?

The ADEL™ earbud comes with a 180-day warranty. Within the warranty period, you will get a new earbud when you return the used model.

Why can't I just turn down the volume on my regular earbuds?

When Stephen Ambrose returned to the lab to develop the next generation in-ear monitor he made a discovery. He discovered that when the ear canal is sealed with an earbud or hearing aid, acoustic pressures convert to amplified pneumatic pressure. Unlike acoustic pressure, pneumatic pressure causes motion, specifically motion of the eardrum. The eardrum is then forced to re-actively move with amplitude that is a thousand times more than normal causing muscles around the earldom to reflexively tighten the eardrum and damp the sound. Volume must be turned up to overcome this damping. The more the volume is increased the more the eardrum tightens. The solution was to build a tiny membrane that absorbs the pounding and acts like an auxiliary eardrum. Now the eardrum relaxes & listens. Volumes can now sound just as loud but are actually at 1/10 the power. We were invited to present our results to the International Acoustic Congress In Montreal. You can read our paper in the Technology section. We proved our theories with the help of Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

What is an in-ear monitor?

As a teenager in the 60’s Stephen Ambrose was recording in a studio next door to Johnny Cash and was so impressed with Cash’s sound he decided to try to re-create it - at home. By modifying swimmer’s earplugs with tiny speakers and clay he had the beginnings of his in-ear monitor. This technology represented the first time that a high fidelity sound was delivered to a sealed ear canal. After the design was perfected Stephen toured with many performers such as Stevie Wonder and commercialized his invention. In ear monitors replaced huge stage monitors (speakers) that would blast the singer's voice back at them. With in-ear monitors, performers hear their own voice over the crowd or echoes and also protect their ears in the case of rock and roll music. While In ear monitors protect musicians hearing today’s earbud makers perverted aspects Stephen's design.

Can ADEL™ restore hearing?

We have been able to restore hearing function to nerve dead ears as you can see in several videos on the website. While our Drums earbuds use a passive form of ADEL, our inflatable bubble ADEL effectively applies a Trans Cranial Conduction. This is a medical breakthrough that has the potential to be life changing for millions. Our Drums earbud is the first earbud to be designed with the hearing impaired community in mind.