I Can FINALLY Hear Myself!

I Can FINALLY Hear Myself-James Hill


James Hill has been a musician for years and runs MidiTempoTracks.com, where he matches “tempo / groove / feel to any audio of your choice” by modifying a midi so it does not feel lifeless, mechanical, and sterile.

He recently received a prototype of the ADEL® Drum 10 earbuds and was overjoyed- in fact he was using the ADEL® Drums during the interview.

Asius: So what was the first song you listened to using the ADEL® Drum 10 earbuds?

James: I used to be in a band that did a lot of covers of hard rock and metal bands.  My first choice was a natural: “Strutter” by KISS – it’s a favorite from way back when, and it blew my mind to hear it now with such quality.

Asius: Besides the enjoyment you experienced from hearing that song, what were your next thoughts?

James: I thought, “Let me play with the knobs to adjust isolation.  This looks like it will really be cool to do.”

Asius: And then what happened?

James: I thought, ‘”Wow.” I mean, by adjusting the isolation, I realize  I can actually ‘spread the stage’ to suit how I want the sound to feel and can isolate instruments and “place” them geographically on the stage.  I don’t need those clunky ‘wedge’ speakers at the edge of the stage.  I can actually hear myself and have “throat last” without having to shout.

Asius: You’ve been in the music world for a while and have seen a lot of changes.  Does this change things for you?

James: Definitely.  I have been using wireless monitors but they don’t compare to these.  I won’t use them any more.

Asius: Is there anything else that we can do for you?

James: As soon as you can get me my customer ear molds, I’ll be rocking up a storm.

Asius: Sure James, we’ll get those to you shortly.  Thanks for your support!

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